NRP Course Instructions

The American Academy of Pediatrics NRP Course InstructionsStep ONE

Acquire a copy of the 6th edition NRP textbook.  This may be accomplished by borrowing a text from your hospital library, purchasing a hard copy from the AAP or downloading an eBook from the AAP site.  Read and comprehend the material before advancing to step two.

Step TWO

Take the online 6th edition NRP exam.  The cost is ~$23.00 and all forms of credit and debit cards.  This may be accomplished by logging on to: 

 Once you start the process you have 14 days to complete the exam and 30 days to complete skills testing.  You may take the exam twice to accomplish certification.  Additional attempts to pass the examination require additional payment.


Preregister for a skills check session by either:


American Academy of Pediatrics

American Heart Association CPR

Philips products

Click on the link below to learn more about how to achieve certification/renewal via blended learning for the following courses (links here):