Aed Wall Mount and Signage Bundle


AED Signage and Wall Mount Bundle
Philips Healthcare Defibrillator Wall Mount and Sign Awareness Bundle- Sign, Placard, Posters, and Clear Wall Bracket

An excellent way to display your Philips HeartStart AED and create AED awareness at every AED location. This bundle contains items with easy-to-understand graphics which raise awareness of passers-by about how to use an AED in an emergency.
  • Placard face dimensions: 10"(26cm)h, 4.5"(11cm)w
  • Sign face dimensions: 9"(23cm)h, 6.1"(15cm)w
  • Poster dimensions face dimensions: 11"(28cm)w, 17"(43cm)h
Please note: AED Wall Mount Bracket requires the use of the Standard Carry Case