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HeartStart XL+

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The Philips HeartStart XL+ uses Smart Biphasic waveform technology and is  designed for hospitals and surgery centers. The Philips HeartStart XL+ is available with the following features:

  • 3 Lead EKG Cable
  • Hands Free Quik-Combo Therapy Cable (Pacing Cable)
  • AED
  • Printer
  • Pulse Oximtery
  • Power Cord
  • Color Screen

Hard Paddles sold separately.

Ready to Respond

In an emergency, the HeartStart XL+ is ready to respond so you can react quickly and confidently.
  • Easy-to-use interface - Refined and improved based on years of customer experience with the HeartStart XL and HeartStart MRx. It’s designed to be clear and uncluttered, helping you respond quickly and confidently.
  • Easy to carry and access accessories - Monitoring & therapy cables can be stored directly on the device and are easy to grab using the optional open storage solution. Straps secure patient cables directly to the device for easy transport, and exposed cable ports instill user confidence that XL+ is ready to connect to the patient.
  • Active ready–for-use indicator – Philips defibrillators use an active indicator to show you they are ready to use.
  • Green front panel lights indicate AC and battery power - No need for staff to check that the AC power cord is connected or if the battery is charged and ready for use.
  • Fast battery recharge time while the batteries are in the defibrillator keeps the HeartStart XL+ available for use.
  • HeartStart Adult/Child or Infant defibrillation pads are designed for manual or AED mode, pacing, cardioversion, and monitoring. No need for specialty pads for infant/child AED mode.

Ready to Revive

The HeartStart XL+ is designed to be ready to help save the life of any patient. And the option of easily switching between AED mode and manual mode makes it possible for all levels of trained responders to use the HeartStart XL+.
  • In AED mode, the HeartStart XL+ defibrillator/monitor that can defibrillate any patient, of any age without the need for special accessories, which can help save valuable time when responding to an emergency.
  • Quick Shock in AED mode and a fast charge time to the standard adult dose in manual mode (3 seconds) help minimize CPR interruptions and speed shock delivery.
  • Patient monitoring measurements, including 3- and 5-lead ECG, heart rate, SpO2, and Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, provide continuity of care from the cardiac emergency to patient monitoring at the bedside in a single device. Measurements can be trended over time, as well as displayed and printed.
  • Easy-to-use noninvasive pacing controls design makes it easy to train and deliver pacing therapy.

Call 1-888-834-8700 for pricing.
Ask about discounts for multiple units, government and training institutions

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